StreetLegalDirt Site Upgrade

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If you didn’t notice (I know you did) you can see our site has changed a bit. We are in the process of upgrading so we can more easily show videos on your favorite bikes and accessories.  Previous post and pages will have to be modified and all old links checked so we are warning you in advance that it will take about a week until the site is fully functioning. You can still browse and also check out current eBay auctions on Dual Sport Bikes and Street Legal Dirt Bikes.


Ramu says:

Being an old time motocross racer from the 80 s.. I still like the loud sound . Think about it, what would be a Harley wthoiut sound? But I see ALOT cool in this too. Environment, weight.. all that. I’d like to have one as a second dirtbike of I could afford that.

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