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If you haven’t noticed things are a little different around here. Although StreetLegalDirt.com has been around for well over 5 years and has done well in the past, lately there hasn’t been very many visitors as of late.

The site is suffering for several reasons but the main two are the new updates to Google’s search algorithim which have cause us to disappear from the first page of Google for the desired terms related to dual sport motorcycles. And the clunky web-building platform this site was originally built on hasn’t had any updates or support for over 3 years and now pages are almost un-editable.

So in an effort to rectify this I have decided to re-build from the ground up using the more up-to-date web building platform called WordPress. I apologize if navigation is a bit awkward at first but I have done the best I can at bringing forward the best parts of the old site and trying to make it user friendly at the same time.

Now I will be able to ad useful Street Legal Dirt tips, info and other stuff at will. Of course this site is still dedicated to bringing you the best search results from eBay Motors when it comes to dual sport motorcycles. Great effort is spent in weeding out those pesky straight street machines but it is not always easy to do so don’t be too alarmed if one sneaks through once in a while!

So if you have been here before I hope you like the upgrades. If it is your first time here you won’t know what you are missing! lol At any rate thanx for stopping by and please return. Also feel free to leave a comment if you like.

Happy Trails


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