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I really enjoyed this video and thought I would share it on this site. This is 13 minutes of what dual sport motorcycle riding is all about, even the not so good things. But in the end it is about the adventure. Enjoy!

Lets Just Ride and Have Some Fun / Dual Sport Bikes

Just sit back and enjoy this wide spread variety of dual sport motorcycle friends having fun on a ride. From payment to dirt you will see how certain street legal dirt bikes can shine or suck but through it all the riders have fun.

I have ridden dirt bikes or dual sport motorcycles all my life. I really don’t have an explanation why but every trip on one I find fun and exciting even if it is just across the yard! I have never rode without coming back with a smile on my face… even if I dumped my bike along the way.

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What Dual Sport Motorcycle is Right for Me That is a good question that doesn’t really have a perfect answer. A dual sport bike is actually designed to be

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