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Dual Sport Motorcycles …

… are a lot of fun to ride, but with so many choices, it can be overwhelming finding the right one for your specific needs. You need to consider a few things before buying. Will you be riding mostly on the street, mostly on trails, or equal amounts of both? Will you be doing long rides with luggage, or short trips into the woods? Answering these questions first can help you in purchasing the right bike for your specific needs.

Dual Sport Bikes can be divided into 3 categories. Of course there are several bikes that fall into 2 of the 3 categories, but most can be put into 1 of the following 3 “styles.”

1. Dual Purpose Bike
These motorcycles are best at doing light street work, and light trail riding. They
aren’t very aggressive for riding hardcore trails, but they can handle most off-road riding
comfortably while still having fun. Most can cruise down the street at highway speeds
for hours on end, but are not comfortable for 100+ mile runs. Most are relatively
inexpensive and easy to maintain.

Examples: XT225, CRF250L, DR-Z400S

2. Adventure Bike
Bikes in this category are usually much larger in both size and power. They can
carry a lot more weight, run for hundreds of miles on the street, and handle most fire
roads and light trails. They are bulky and awkward on tighter trails and don’t have the
quick handling as smaller bikes. Maintenance intervals are longer and the engines last
for a long time.

Examples: KLR650, KTM Adventure, BMW

3. Plated Dirt Bike
These are essentially a hardcore trail/woods bike with a license plate. They
handle well in any off-road terrain, but are usually not comfortable for any road work.
These bikes are usually geared just high enough to hit highway speeds, so you can find
another trail to take. Cost is both high and low, depending on the bike, and routine
maintenance is critical on most.

Most KTM, Husqvarna, and Japanese dirt bikes with plates


Finding the Dual Sport Bike to suit your needs doesn’t have to be difficult. You can start by using this site to educate yourself and even locate that Street Legal Dirt Bike you have dreamed about!


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