2013 Yamaha XT 250

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I had previously overlooked this bike… side tracked by Yamaha’s amazing WR250R. But the truth be told the XT250 is a better deal for the average rider like me since it is $1500 less. The real item I had overlooked is the XT250 is fuel injected also. I had been thinking it was like the KLX250S, still using a carburetor. The XT250 is not a remake of older models but is in direct response to the competition in the 250 niche such as Honda’s CRF250L. At over 30lbs. less there is really no contest, especially off road. This is also an air-cooled 2 valver with electric start, remember the the Kawasaki 250 Super Shurpa? This machine reminds me of that bike. Now I need to see if I can dig up a down payment!



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