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I really enjoyed this video and thought I would share it on this site. This is 13 minutes of what dual sport motorcycle riding is all about, even the not so good things. But in the end it is about the adventure. Enjoy!

Lets Just Ride and Have Some Fun / Dual Sport Bikes

Just sit back and enjoy this wide spread variety of dual sport motorcycle friends having fun on a ride. From payment to dirt you will see how certain street legal dirt bikes can shine or suck but through it all the riders have fun.

Your bike may be able to do it all but no bike does it all GOOD. Of course a lot depends on your riding skills but getting the right bike for where you like to ride the most is your real decision. And this is why the question “does size matte” should come into play because it does, and not necessarily in the way you think it would. This is a great video and addresses this issue quite nicely. When it comes to dual sports the idea is to have a bike that does it all but sometimes riders find the necessity to have two machines. I find myself in that category. I have a KLR 600 that I ride in most situations especially on longer trips but I find my KX 200 (240 big bore kit) to be much better for me on shorter more gnarly rides.

I had previously overlooked this bike… side tracked by Yamaha’s amazing WR250R. But the truth be told the XT250 is a better deal for the average rider like me since it is $1500 less. The real item I had overlooked is the XT250 is fuel injected also. I had been thinking it was like the KLX250S, still using a carburetor. The XT250 is not a remake of older models but is in direct response to the competition in the 250 niche such as Honda’s CRF250L. At over 30lbs. less there is really no contest, especially off road. This is also an air-cooled 2 valver with electric start, remember the the Kawasaki 250 Super Shurpa? This machine reminds me of that bike. Now I need to see if I can dig up a down payment!


2013 Honda CRF250L vs. 2013 Kawasaki KLX250S

I have always been a Kawi fan and have rode a few. I currently own two of them but wish to have something newer. However with that said I would strongly consider the Honda offerings available these days for dual sport motorcycles. This review is a comparison between the 2013 Honda CRF250L and  2013 Kawasaki KLX250S both great machines.

Other contenders I would consider (all it takes is $$$)  if hunting for a newer dual sport motorcycle are the 2013 Yamaha WR250 R and the Husqvarna TE310. I will have some post on these and others in the near future.


I have ridden dirt bikes or dual sport motorcycles all my life. I really don’t have an explanation why but every trip on one I find fun and exciting even if it is just across the yard! I have never rode without coming back with a smile on my face… even if I dumped my bike along the way.

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Among the most popular current trends in motorcycle sales is entry-level motorcycles. But while bikes like Honda’s own CBR250R happen to be a sizzling success, let’s say you are after something much more versatile? Possibly something which does not mind getting a little dirty every once in awhile?

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I just bought a Honda CRF250L. It defies logic. I’m not a retiree looking to revisit motorcycle riding, nor am I 21, and swinging a leg over a bike for the first time.

 I’m 36 years old, married and, with regards to motorcycles, I would consider myself experienced. I’ve owned a slew of different bikes and though I’m not sure Honda knows who they’re marketing this bike to, I’m probably not the target market.

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The Suzuki DR-Z400S is an incredibly capable motorcycle. I’ve had the chance to ride one the past few weeks and I took it on a 300 mile highway journey, a 200 mile offroad adventure, did multiple days off road, rode it around town, and commuted from Long Beach to LA (about 25 miles) on a…

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Not a fan but this is another direction you can go with a dual sport.

These have been around a while and have been really proven to be reliable


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